Anne Bayo Claudia – « NOT MY FEELINGS » (Live Home Worship)

Hey guys🕊️
Today I’m sharing with you with great pleasure😊, a decision I had to make that changed my everyday life. I have put it into song for you.
Listen to this and you will see how much the Lord has given you the power to master even your feelings.💪

I pray that the words of this song, will come to wring a smile and a decision from someone to no longer allow their feelings to be capsized but to declare with faith that they feel good even when things don’t seem to be giving the way we want.
In the face of this illness, this need, this diagnosis, this injustice, this decision against you….Declare it, live it, say it again and again: I keep my eyes on God and I feel good!!!!

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See you soon for a new video
Stay blessed ❤️!

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