Kem Awoh with Lyrics

It’s a beautiful day that the lord has made.. For me to rejoice and be glad in it..
But mountains Arise, Valleys surround me.. Oceans so deep, rivers to cross

So I call upon the name, of the God in all the earth, the one who neither sleeps, the mighty man of war
You see this life way I cam so? I’ve got no power of my own.. That’s why I say..

Etta Mandem, Ane chi anfai, kem Awoh, okeh Ka me nqwen oh.. X4

Yes I believe,
That God is able to see me through.. Thats why I call upon his name in the days of trouble
My problem them plenti, My palava them plenti. thing them way them d worry me the plenty, but my is trust in above..
For he who is above, is above them all.. That’s why am bold to, I am basking in glory.
Shebi you see this life, way I cam so, I’ve got no power of my own..
That’s why I say..

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