Christ T – Backup (Official Audio)

This is an afro trap inspiration by Wisdom Records artist Christ T popularly known as the Rap Prophet. This masterpiece expresses God as the only hope that can never fail despite the failures in the world economies, political systems, shortages and limitations due to human frailty. When you are in a strange land and everything fails and you know no one, what do you do? You must put all your trust in the Lord and not in your back account, skills, technical know-how, beauty or handsomeness. Inspired by Psalms 5:11, the song draws its practical reality from what used to happen back then in boarding schools where only those who had BACKUP FOOD in their trunks, survived the « famine periods ». Produced by Pep@nic, written and performed by Christ T, this sensation will leave you dancing in confidence amidst any global crisis!

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